When Fashion meets Orient Electric’s Aeroseries

Fashion collaborated with Orient Electric Fans and it was a masterpiece. Orient Electric associated with DTFW 2018 this year. If you had witnessed the show, you’d understand the excitement. It was madness. Complete madness!

Narendra Kumar Ahmed turned the heat ON with his retro fashion. The sunglasses, the pants, the stripes, the hairstyles, and what not. OMG it was a treat! Especially for a retro lover like me.
With Sonal Chauhan as their showstopper, they had it all. They simply won the show!

We witnessed an exquisite range of smart fans, Aeroseries by Orient Electric Fans, at the event. TBH we do not realize the value of a ceiling fan unless it’s turned off in summers. So, let’s take some time and appreciate the very basic necessity that is least talked about.

Aeroseries is available in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes to complement your unique interior style. These are more than just functional; they can serve as a statement piece or focal point of any room.

Considering the health part, it’s the best as it does not lower the temperature directly by creating a wind chill.

I’m sure you have a fair idea about the mechanism but do you know that how a fan can be the most beautiful asset of your room?


All of you must had/ have at least one fan from said brand in your house. They have now introduced a new range of premium Smart Fans called “Orient Electric Aeroseries”, to give an edge to your modern room’s outdated fan. Improve the decor of your room with the Orient Aeroseries. The oldies are going all high-style as well as high-tech with a huge variety to choose from.

Aerolite, from Aeroseries range, is a fan which is adorned with warm LED lights which makes it a real eye-catcher. When it comes to styling, this fan is a sheer winner with its curvaceous silhouette and high gloss premium PU finish

They have also taken care of an inherent issue – i.e. a fan should not produce any wobbling noise. I found that solution in Aeroquiet – Very Silent, Very Powerful. This is the all new Orient Aeroquiet ceiling fan which promises highest ever air flow with heavenly silence.

Inspired by the ground breaking winglet technology in modern aircraft, Orient Electric’s new age AeroStorm fan is truly revolutionary. The unique winglet design in its blades minimizes the vortex, delivering higher air thrust at minimal noise. It has an integrated design of top and bottom canopy with spindle cover and a stainless steel decorative rim on the top which adds to awesomeness.

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Much Love !
– Aashima Lamba

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