What I wore || Indian wedding looks

Aren’t weddings just fun and nothing but fun? 

There is a very happy vibe that goes around the whole wedding period. I think we have talked about the good parts in one of the previous blogs too!
Well, it’s basically good food, good vibe and lots of dance. Also, looking your best?
I think that’s the only important aspect for some people. For me it’s about looking good(obviously, meh) and the latest wedding I attended was about spending good time with some important people of my life. But majorly looking good.

The first event my Friends hosted was a Sagan+ Engagement ceremony. I chose a Grey crop top and skirt for this one. Opted for soft curls and wanted to keep them on one side since this was an off-the shoulder crop top(clearly could not manage it). But yeah danced a lot at the event so that’s okay, right?

Yes, you can let me know your opinions on the outfit. I loved it! 
Let’s move on to the second look. It was a Mehendi Ceremony. Being a henna hater, I wanted to wear black to send a message(well, well don’t judge me eh. I hate it. There’s nothing likeable for now at least. Okay judge me).
My dear Friend insisted me not to wear black so this one was on a very short notice. Also, it had green color(Pheww).
Keeping my hatred aside, this turned out to be a perfect outfit according to the occasion. It was playful, it had “Green” color,and it fit me really well. I kept a low pony and put on my ever favorite hoops to give it a retro vibe. 
(One of my friends said that I looked like Neetu Singh Kapoor). Neetu ji, if you ever read this, Give me RK! OK,BYE.

OK, the final look took a lot of time to be executed. Mainly because of the beautiful makeup done by Dipika gandhi(Link mentioned at the bottom). I loved the makeup. Blue smokey eyes with nude lips was everything to match my gorgeous outfit and just to tone down everything I kept my hair open and simple. The lehenga was too heavy. Like too heavy and I’m not kidding, I had to hold someone while walking most of the time. But look good was the motto so does it even matter if you’re uncomfortable? Naah!

So, these were the three looks I curated for a friend’s wedding. Hope you like them and if do, do not forget to take notes.

Keep loving. Keep reading.

Outfit Courtesy- @Flyrobe
Look 1 – Trinesha
Look 2 – Niharika Vivek
Look 3 – Niyoosh

Makeup courtesy for Look 3- Dipika Gandhi
(Instagram Link- DIPIKA GANDHI)

Photography for Look 1- Joydeep Chanda
( Instagram Link- Joydeep Chanda)

Photography for Look 2 and 3- Gaurav Gulati
( Instagram Link- Gaurav Gulati)

Location courtesy for Look 1 – Take off scarlet( Punjabi bagh)

Location courtesy for Look 2 and 3- Parkinn by Radisson (IP extension)

Much love. 
– Aashima Lamba

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