The Neon Story

Well, when Neon made a comeback, it was surely unexpected. I thought it might never come again because when minimalistic-literally-every thing took over, nobody seemed to miss neon. We were happy, all of us. 
But what a return!
It has given everything a backseat and taken over so high that we can’t stop gushing over the trend. We confessed this in one of the previous blogs too.
Its been my go to step this season. When in doubt, add a neon piece and spice up your wardrobe effortlessly with it.

Green is the prime color of the world that represents growth and vitality. 
It speaks a language that is deep and mysterious. But, let’s speak it loud! Let’s neon it. We focus on style majorly, don’t we?

You can ditch the accessories if you think it’s too loud already! I did with this look as it was too much for me already.( If you’re here for the first, I am a black lover||Just FYI, you know)

This year invest in neon. And if the trend again vanishes, save the pieces until the return. Because it will(Like your ex)

Pairing your neon piece with any basic will spice up your outfit to another level. Just remember, neon isn’t just for runways. Kill it!

That’s it for now Loves.

Stay stylish and keep coming back for more.
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– Aashima Lamba

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