I am sure you all would agree, that this is the best time of the year. ‘THE FESTIVE SEASON’
With all the holidays, shopping, sweets, exchange of gifts, wedding season approaching and the Indian attire.
I wanted to give the ethnic wear a twist this time.
Hence, me and collaborated and created few looks.
With a little modern touch and all the comfort in the world. See how beautiful this collection is.
Style these with the amazing jewellery collection fromĀ
AKIRA MING uses 100% natural and hand-woven fabrics for all the designs.
Divya ahluwalia, the founder and creator of AKIRA MING has magic in her outfits. She uses no plastic at all. The best part about this collection is thatĀ All the outfits have pocket.
So play cards, exchange gifts, eat a lot and have the most memorable time.
Wishing you a great time.
Stay healthy. Stay safe.
Love to all.

– Aashima Lamba





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