The Blooming Bunny || House Of Fett

House Of Fett has it all. The coolest designs, comfortable fabrics, soothing colors and extraordinary embroidery. What made me feel this positive about the brand is the quality they use and of course the lady herself, ESHA BHAMBRI. One of the most talented designers I have worked with who aims to focus on best designs with finest quality at the affordable price. Her outfit literally makes you feel like you’re wearing your second skin with elegance.

Have a look at this Blooming Bunny dress with cape style jacket.


Oh! Bunnies These little bunnies can surely win your hearts A knee length dress with bunny embroidery on front.


  • Bunny embroidery on front
  • Crafted in Pure Cotton Silk Fabric
  • Bunny jacket
  • No lining


A structured cape style jacket that comes with the ease of layering without the bulk is where the good stuff’s at. It has finely embroidered paws all around.


  • Red paws embroidery
  • Crafted in pure cotton silk
  • Light weight


Get this Blooming Bunny dress from-
Shoes- Truffle Collection

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