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Time spent in the mountains is never enough.

I spontaneously made a plan to travel and honestly never wanted to come back. But let’s be a bit realistic here. I could only go for a week. And when I came back, there were many questions from a lot of readers and followers about where to find peace/good cafes/good food/etc. Of course, I could not go everywhere and try everything,  but whatever it was, I had some of the best peaceful moments and I am sharing the entire experience with you all.

Starting my journey with a stay in Nainital, I honestly wasn’t satisfied. Surely, Nainital and the journey to Nainital is alluring. Of course, there is a reason why it’s called ‘a lake paradise’. The lake with a perfect backdrop of mountains is a treat for the eyes and soul. If you are religious, there is a gurudwara, mandir and mazjid in the same lane and a church right opposite to them. Talking about the mandir, Naina devi temple is a must visit. it’s built on the upper edge of the lake of Goddess Naina(Eye).

The mall road is perfect and extremely safe for a late night walk with that breeze in your hair. There are plenty of activities in and around Nainital like boating trekking, ropeway, camping, which may keep you busy. But if you are looking for peace, this place just isn’t for you. It’s over-crowded. Which might not cater, what you’re looking for.

Right after Nainital, I headed to bhimtal, situated approximately 20 kms from Nainital, named after one of the Pandava brothers- Bhim. The lake is a bit longer than Naini. It has moderate crowd. Hence, more peaceful. Consider it as an option to stay only if you cannot find a stay in Naukichiatal. Oh wait! Let me introduce Naukuchiatal to you all first.
Six kms from Bhimtal, it is  a lake with nine corners. And the best place for peace as per my recommendation. It is so peaceful and pretty that you might wanna stay there forever. With very less people and the prettiest lake, Naukuchiatal offers both, roadside food as well as good cafes. I wasn’t lucky enough to stay there for a night, but you can be. Out of all, this was the best place to relax.

Okay, enough of the tal details. Let me share the best of cafes around that I visited and what I liked.


iHeart café Himalayas

I visited this cafe twice in a week, that too when I was on a vacation. Basis this, you might be able to guess how good this was. It has a beautiful rustic look. Very romantic vibe and the best part- GOOOODD FOOD.

What I had – Chicken burger,  French fries, Egg burritos,  and Chocolate shake
What I liked the best – French fries
Look and feel– 4.8/5
Food– 4.8/5
Service – 4/5




BUBU at bistro

Again visited twice. This cafe is such a pretty one with the best view. They have a river just by the side and a complete valley look. You can listen to the natural sounds of the river flowing and birds chirping and sit there for hours.
What I had- Cheese Maggie, Oreo Shake and Pineapple Shake
What I liked the best– Cheese Maggie
Look and Feel – 5/5
Service – 2.5/5



The mud house café


They offer a view to die for. Not literally though! But it’s simply beautiful.
What I had– A pizza and to recover from the previous shake, another Oreo shake.
What I liked the best– Pizza
Look and feel – 4.5/5
Food – 4/5
Service – 4/5



Pots and Stones-

Such pretty interior this cafe has. It has my heart. The cutest different colored chairs and tables and an amazing front yard.
What I had– Chicken burger, fries and potato wedges
What I liked the best – Chicken burger
Look and feel– 4.2/5
Food– 4.3/5
Service – 4/5

Hill grill

Trust me on this, this cafe serves the best Nutella waffle brownie. It is a must must must have.
What I had– Peri- peri chicken sandwich, brownie shake, chicken burger and Nutella waffle brownie.
What I liked the best– Nutella waffle brownie.
Look and feel– 3/5
Food– 4.8/5
Service– 4/5

This is all. And certainly, you wouldn’t want to miss the pahaado ki Maggie and chai with a mesmerizing view.

Special thanks to my friends, Aayushi and Utsav for an amazing time there! Lots and lots of love. 

Thanks for reading.
-Aashima Lamba

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