Salon Waves at Home under 15 mins || Using A Flat Iron

Wish to get salon waves at home under 15 minutes? Yes, it’s possible.
And that too using a flat iron.
Well, I am always late while heading out and by always, I mean alwaysssss(whenever I get the strength to step out). This is what I do, if I am heading to a party or any event, to look alive, I curl my hair.
I honestly fail at using a curler. When ever I use a curler, each strand of the hair goes in different direction. Hence, I prefer using a flat iron for that. Which literally takes less than 10 mins for the entire hair for me. Rest depending upon the volume and length.

The best thing about learning how to curl/wave your hair with a hair straightener is when you travel, you can just carry one hair tool and try out different styles.

Here is a little tutorial for the same. Below are the steps for the same.


– Comb your hair properly
– Divide in sections
– Take a thin(depending upon the curl volume you want) strand of your hair
– Move the iron starting from roots of the hair towards the ends
– Slowly make a grip in the middle and rotate slowly  in circular motion in the direction opposite of the curls. Suppose you want outer curls, move your iron in clock wise direction. If you want inner curls, move the iron in anti-clock wise direction.
– Repeat on all the strands.

Watch the video linked above for understand the concept in a better way.

Hope you like it.

Stay tuned for more. Lots of Love.

– Aashima Lamba


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