Prints are most versatile and super fun to experiment with. And the best part of opting for prints is that they are perfectly enhanced in themselves that you do not have to go with heavy & in my case, any accessories.
This is bold and not at all easy to carry. But I wanted to give it a try and you should too irrespective of public opinion.

As stripes go well with different prints, I thought of considering stripes when I came up with the idea of mixing prints. But more than that, I wanted to try something that was new for me.


I chose this black and brown striped pleated flared skirt. This is a striped skirt but not the stripes that I’ve been wearing my whole life. This was different which was exactly what I wanted.

Teaming it up with Peach colored printed shirt style top was not the initial idea. But when I married them together, they sort of made a good pair.

Choosing prints from same color family is a safe bet to avoid a fashion faux pas. And this is what I did. I chose same brand for the top and the bottom. Well yeah, MANGO to the rescue.

If you’re hesitating on trying the same, begin with very basic & simple prints. Do not play around with too much patterns and designs. Say, If a shirt already has two different prints, do not mix it with other different printed bottom. Balance the look by adding an element of a solid color.

Surprise yourself while mixing prints and try to keep it clean. It’s not just about the prints. Focus on the silhouette as well. Keep it classic and let your outfit do the talking.
Prints are supposed to be fun so enjoy and be confident about it.







Location Partner- @taksim

Photography – @rohansachdeva

Top & Skirt- @Mango.

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