Pitstop Bowling Brewpub & More

Was it too much for an opener?

You’d understand the excitement once you get to experience Pitstop.  Our very own Gurugram has come up with a brand new fun zone. In case if you haven’t heard about it, what are you even doing? This place has some crazy activities to offer. Forget about your long week and head to Pitstop right away.

Once you enter, you will witness a modern and fresh yet authentic decor. The Interior has a warehouse look. It has barrels placed inside the pub, which will give you a raw industrial look. Completely justifying the name, Pitstop has the interior like an actual race course. A well organized infrastructure obviously attracts people. And here, it was highly considered.  It evokes a sense of calm and comfort.

Coming to the next part, the gaming zone has a six lane bowling alley. Whether you’re a serious bowler and you blow a rack each time you play or a gutter shooting no hoper just playing for fun(like meeee), go to Pitstop and pick a lane. It has a huge in-house bowling alley, which is rare. Apart from bowling, it offers various other gaming options for all age groups. And, if you’re likely to get hungry in between they’ve got your back.

Even the greediest of eaters might find it hard to not fall in love with the The Smaaash Lovers pizza available at Pitstop. It has a thin crust and authentic Italian taste. OK, let me list the food & beverages we had with the rating of course.

  • Smaaash basket (veg) – 3/5

French fries, masala nuggets, cheese corn bites.

[You may order cheese corn bites separately. Ask them to make it crispy.]

  • Smaaash basket (non veg) – 3 /5

Chicken garlic finger, chicken popcorn, tandoori chicken nuggets.

[Order chicken popcorn separately.]

  • The Smaaash Lovers – 4.5/5

In house specialty with onions, tomatoes, capsicums, American corn, mushrooms & jalapeno.

  • Death by chocolate – 2.5/5

A thirst quencher with a mix of dark Belgian chocolate & milk.


  • Nutella peanut shake. 4/5

Delicious hand-dipped milkshake blended with rich, creamy Nutella hazelnut spread.

  • Cucumber & cranberry – 4/5

Muddled cucumbers topped with the cranberry juice and Himalayan pink salt.

  • Mint Julep- 3/5

Mint sprigs, sugar, lemon juice blended and topped with sparkling water.


Let’s talk about the highlight of the place now. Go karting is something which is new to the town and who isn’t drooling to get behind the wheel. There’s nothing like the high pitched whine of a track load of karts flying.
It is a perfect gift for any friend or if you’re treating yourself, why not go with your gang and double the fun.
They have a well designed track with interesting turns and levels. With more than twenty perfectly safe and well-organized carts, they let you on the ground for 6 minutes. And it is worth it.

Overall, our day was filled with fun. The staff was sweet and really helped us enjoy the experience.

Stay tuned for more. Lots of love.
– Aashima & Anjali ❤





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