What’s wrong? Nothing!
My opinion is that any writer who cannot start from nothing has learnt nothing or written nothing!

It’s not a word anymore, it’s an emotion.  A Thousand other questions framed around the same answer. As for me , all I know is that i know nothing.
But God made everything out of nothing.  That’s exactly what i want to follow now, write about nothing.


Until now nothing has inspired me to write on nothing but the utter respect for this unexpressed emotion, Yes there are so many nothings scrambling my brain. But, let’s talk about the one I’m wearing. This statement T-shirt from Mango was my love at first site.

Since typographic shirts are highly in demand these days, it’s important to find the right slogan t-shirt to show off your personality. Who doesn’t love cool t-shirts! It’s the one simple technique to turn basic #OOTD into something bomb.
Few fashion icons can work magic with t-shirts without having to say or do much. But that’s the power of a statement shirt. It can turn your basic outfit into power dressing and also can turn into a blunder. Keep your eye on the ball and remember that if the t-shirt sucks, you aren’t going to look cool in it.

When the t-shirt matters it should speak eloquently and elegantly without really saying much.
Get it ? Keep statements tight and graphics under control.

Some styling tips-

  • Pair your typographic shirt with basic denim and shoes. You can put on your statement glasses to give the look an edge.
  • Team it with a knee length flared skirt and heels for a classic look.
  • Put on your favorite formal suit and play it cool with your typographic shirt in it.

Be confident and slay! Good luck with your tees.

Stay tuned Readers!
– Aashima Lamba

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