Hello Wedding Season !

Weddings are fun. Sure! And what makes them the most fun are the outfits.
I love the whole concept of 3-4 day wedding events in India because as much as it’s about food and drinks of course, it is more of an emotion that you convey through your outfit.

Ok so now let’s turn the whole talk about wedding to a friend’s wedding because honestly weddings make me sick. Well, not sick exactly but I am actually scared of it(no offence to the future husband). But as much as I’m scared of the idea of me being married, I am most excited for any of my friends getting married. So, this year I have a lot lined up and I am sure of choosing an outfit from shrangar Delhi. Would you give it a second thought after looking at this outfit?

I won’t lie, this outfit made me feel like a Diva from inside and I think that is the most important thing when you’re donning an outfit and you feel it from inside. It’s an emotion you can’t deny & that’s when you look good. No matter what or who you are wearing, you are going to rock the show

Styling this outfit with the Victorian jewellery from Suhana Art and Jewels is actually giving it an edge. Love how the choker jewellery with all the rubies and pearls is taking this outfit onto a whole new level of elegance.

The beautiful detailing and very feminine appearance of jewellery makes me feel like a princess.
This Victorian choker neckpiece was the quickest and simplest way to upgrade my look into something more refined.

Let’s come to the best part of this look which is the makeup done by Mily Kalra. A very well known makeup artist who has proved her work one after another. I give it to Mily for this Diva look. I am surely going to get a similar look for at least one of the events lined up this winter.

I am sure you all must have a lot of events / weddings to attend this season and since the festive season is also approaching, take notes guys. Stay gorgeous.

MUA- Mily Kalra

Outfit- Shrangar

Jewellery- Suhana Art and jewels

Much love
Aashima Lamba

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