Half Moon Festival || Thailand 2019

Before stepping in to the blog or the party, one disclaimer – You might just witness the hottest crowd ever at the party! 

I went to this party back in August’2019. Yes, I know I am a little late sharing the experience with you all but never mind, here it is.
The party place is actually Koh Pha Ngan( please google), an island few miles away from Koh Samui. And there are ferry rides from Samui to PhaNgan. So, I stayed in Koh Samui, which actually was the highlight of the trip. It’s GORGEOUS ( If only I could leave a voice note here). It is so freaking gorgeous.
We had the booking for half moon party on our second day. We opted for the tickets that included our pickup and drop. A mini bus came to pick us up from the hotel and dropped us at the ferry terminal. Ferry ride takes about 30-45 mins. And let’s be honest here, it was scary and most fun(until you throw up as it’s a speed boat. you have had your dinner and the tides are very high)
It’s all dark and a little cold and bumpy but it’s marvelous. You might experience sprinkles of the sea water so do not forget to wear your water proof makeup. 

So, we reach the ferry terminal of Ko Pha Ngan and there are, what we call here in India, the battery rickshaws which then take you to the party destination.


You enter the area, get your tickets sorted from the counter, you might experience some temptation to get the neon paint on your body. Well, let me tell you something, DON’T! 
It’s pure waste of your time as you would spend an hour negotiating with the artist there( or maybe it was just us ? ) and you will waste your money. Or maybe bring some paints and paint yourself & your buddies.
OKAY go for it. You’re not going to visit Thailand every other Saturday, right! 
You are on vacation, do whatever man! 


As soon as you enter, you will start getting the vibe. Just have the best time of your life there. It’s one of the places that you might want to visit again. Just don’t book your return for the very next day. It will ruin half the fun( personal experience) 

Few Things To Keep In Mind. 

  • You can pre-booze before the party. Make sure you don’t throw up on your way as the boat ride is too risky. If you are staying in koh phangan then yes, the option is open.
  • Have a light dinner before you go. There is too much happening at the party so have fun dancing
  • Carry some snacks if you will.
  • Carry a fanny pack or any bag that you keep close to you as it is super crowded.
  • Decide a point where you can meet your friends if in case someone gets lost. 
  • Clothes – Wear something super comfortable especially the shoes.
    Options- flats-gladiators, not super flats as it has sand all around. Sneakers can also be a good option if you have really nice and comfortable ones. This is not a party party so do not dress up. Be casual, comfortable and stylish.

Hope this was helpful. Stay tuned for more. If you visit Thailand anytime soon, do not forget to attend the party( please pre-book everything) and have fun.


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