Global Keratin Treatment || REVIEW

I am a Piscean, which means a water baby. But as much as my zodiac wants me to love water, I hate it. It makes my hair all frizzy. Each time I wash my hair, I have to style them properly. And this takes forever to blow dry, then iron, then style and then finally, step out.  I hate beaches for the same reason, also the moisture that makes my hair all big and ugly.

So, I had the opportunity to try out GKhair taming system. And I had chosen the best salon for the same – Affinity express.
The salon people are extremely informative, sweetest, and customer satisfaction is their priority.




So, the treatment starts with hair wash using their shampoo. Then they apply the product evenly throughout your hair, strand by strand. You have let the cream sit for 15-60 mins (depending upon the hair texture). Then rinse hair with water until water runs clear.

Next step-they dried my hair section by section, followed with the straightening session.  This seals the treatment in! This is how it looked after the treatment was done.



You have to keep the product in your hair for at least 24-48 hours & not tie your hair for the result to come out. But you won’t feel a thing. Your hair is going to be smooth, light and fresh.

Once the shampooing is done, it is recommended that you use the Global Keratin Products to keep up the treatment.



I am absolutely loving the texture. It’s soft, It’s smooth, it’s healthy and it’s worth!

If you want healthy hair, go for a Global Keratin Treatment at your nearest Affinity express salon.

Highly recommended!

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