BHANE LOVE- Brand Review


The largest export company in India with an annual turnover of $450 million, Bhane was founded in 2012. Here is my brief analysis on the Bhane as a brand, the styles and the vogue quotient associated with it.

If we were to believe from the man behind Bhane, Anand Ahuja, He puts a lot of emphasis on the empowerment of people and personal styling, and we can’t agree more on this since I as a blogger firmly believe “Fashion is an Individual’s Niche”.

Somewhat Bhane’s style says the notion that it’s a people’s brand, where articles are not curated to represent a market stock trend but to amplify individuality. A brand with market stock such high comes with promises and Bhane doesn’t disappoint on that front.

Anand belonging to a business family running the largest export house believed in his label and moreover believed in the people and created something that provides quality but at a price that people are willing to spend. We are all about quality over quantity in fashion.

This label doesn’t carry a logo representing freedom. We love that casual approach somehow that makes me connect more as a customer. Their belief in connecting people with the brand was so strong that they never actually went for any editorial shoot making them stand out from the heard.

My experience is somewhat satisfactory; I tried creating an ensemble, trying to put the multiple aspects of the label. I Love creating combinations, hence picked up some functional yet unique articles for the label. Giving my readers an idea about the functional and sustainable aspect of the brand.

I picked up a cropped shirt and culottes and went monochrome again. 

Keeping it basic and minimal styling and adding my personal touches to it adding chic glasses to give an edgy, classic vibe with basic white sneakers and loosely tied hair.

You can also style this blue Color blocked shirt style top differently adding some pastels (who doesn’t love color schemes) paired with wide leg pants for that sassy little pop.

Coming towards the quality aspect of the brand, The Shirt Fabric feels comfortable and versatile, who would have thought that denim can be comfortable too. The build quality is heavy yet feels so light and cool redefining the street style.

The highlight was a Navy faded denim Culottes- I am the hugest fan of high-waisted bottoms.

The best part is it accentuates the waistline and during summers you when you don’t feel like wearing skinny jeans, wide leg bottoms come to the rescue. “talking about the versatility”.

The Idea was simple to curate a look that amplifies what the brand stands for, “keeping it simple”. Quality aspect checks all the boxes for me. A big Green Tick. Though Many Bollywood Divas have been spotted slaying Bhane on different occasion and you can take cues from them, I hope you enjoyed this segment and the looks I created and I am looking forward to seeing the renditions of it from my avid readers.

Adios! Until Next time.

Thanks and all the love to the readers! Stay stylish and be comfortable in your skin!

– Aashima Lamba

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