3 Minutes Makeup Touch-up with 4 products|| No Foundation

This is no makeup tutorial and you will not see a completely different person before and after. So first of all, lower your expectations.
Second, you might still see some flaws after the touch up. But this is only for the people who wish to look alive at times when the face looks dull. Hence,”touch up”. 
My face does look dull most of the times. IDK what’s up with my eyes too. They look sad without a liner(yes, I’m one of those girls). 

So, I created this 3 minutes Touch Up video for the people who face similar issue. 

I’ve used 4 beauty products here.

Step 1- Starting with the loose powder from Maybelline Fit me(Shade: 20, light medium), I set the powder on my face where I have some discoloration. And move on to the next step.

Step 2- Curl the eyelashes and apply mascara from L’Oreal (Volume Million Lashes)

Step 3- Eye brow palette from L’Oreal (brow artist genius)
By now, your powder is set. Dust off the excess! 

Step 4- Lipstick from L’Oreal color riche matte( Shade: 287, beige reveur)

Hope you like the easy and quick way to look fresh and step out. 

Hope you like the video. Please let us know if you wish to see something of this sort. Go to the comment section and write down your request.

Stay tuned for more. Lots of Love.

– Aashima lamba


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