10 ways to wear 1 shirt!

How can there be more than one way to wear one shirt, okay, two? One tucked in and one tucked out. Right? 
I used to think this way until I tried on a shirt randomly. 

Story behind the video- I got up struggling with all the laziness, put on some makeup and scanned my wardrobe for something to create 1 dress, 5 styles type of a video. I did search for about half an hour and couldn’t find anything worth filming. Since I already had makeup on my face, I took a good look at this polka dotted shirt(which is quite old btw) and this idea just clicked that let’s do something with it. I honestly had no idea about what i was doing till I had the camera on. I experimented with a few ways right then and implied a few that I knew already. filmed the video in about 20 minutes, edited in another 30 and if I am allowed to be honest and be a little proud of myself, I want to say that this video is my favorite out of all I have made till date(also the most viewed and saved, eeeeeeeeee *creepy grin)

Ok, coming back, there are more than 10 ways to wear 1 shirt. I tried 10 and all looked different from each other and can be carried to different occasions with different styling. 
From resort wear to formal, from party to casual. One shirt can do a lot. 

Watch this video to find out how! 

Hope you like the video. Please let us know if you wish to see something of this sort. Go to the comment section and write down your request.

Stay tuned for more. Lots of Love.

– Aashima lamba


SNAPCHAT: ashima.lamba4

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